A Proposed Model for Knowledge Management Implementation in Organizations


  • Mostafa Sayyadi Institute of Management Consultants




Knowledge management, Organizational culture, Organizational structure, Information technology, Change leadership


This article primarily aims to develop a model for knowledge management implementation in organizations. This research is based on the synthesis of the literature of knowledge management. The current literature of knowledge management provides evidence regarding the critical factors influencing effective knowledge management implementation. A theoretical model for knowledge management implementation is suggested and the theoretical linkages are formulated based on the model. Since knowledge management implementation is multidimensional and the interaction among organizational factors can lead to knowledge management strength in organizations, effort is made to explain the impacts of organizational factors on knowledge management implementation. The synthesis of literature indicates that to implement knowledge management in organizations, leaders can build a strong organizational culture and structure and also deploy information technology to create new knowledge and disseminate it around the companies. This research can contribute to practice by identifying the ways in which to implement knowledge management in organizations.